CONTRACTORS: Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre and Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


TEAM MEMBERSMarco Scarpa, Veselka Zhelyaskova, Elissaveta Mussakova, Vasya Velinova, Iva Trifonova, Milena Davidović, Constanta Burlacu, Marta Riparante, Desislava Paneva-Marinova, Radoslav Pavlov, Maxim Goynov and Jordan Stoikov.

PhD, ass. prof. - Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Assoc. Prof. PhD Marco Scarpa has long-term scientific interests in manuscripts, particularly in the XIV century South Slavonic manuscripts; he also has extensive experience both in the use of digital databases for Slavic manuscripts and in teaching ancient Bulgarian Studies and Eastern Orthodox culture in Bulgaria and abroad. Therefore,  not only he enjoys good international prestige but also has a great ability to coordinate the work of a team.
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Prof. PhD – Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Professor Zhelyazkova's research interests are in the fields of Cyrillo-Methodian Studies, Biblical Studies, Medieval Slavonic and Byzantine Textology and Translation Practice, Publication of Medieval Texts, Slavonic Historical Lexicology, Lexicography and Terminology, and the study of the lives of Cyril and Methodius. She wrote six books (co-authored) and over 50 articles on these issues. She is a member of the Biblical Commission of the International Committee of Slavists. She is also the chief editor of Palaeobulgarica, a member of the editorial board of Реферативный журнал. Social sciences and humanities. Series 6. Linguistics and of the editorial board of thejournal Man: Image and Essence.
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Prof. PhD – Institute of Art Studies, Department of Medieval and Renaissance Art, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

In her research she looks at the illumination of Bulgarian medieval manuscripts, which lead her to study their Byzantine models and to specialise in Slavonic palaeography and codicology. The decorative compositions of illuminated psalters and the Gospel lectionaries are among her favourite subjects, as well as questions of ‘visuality’ of manuscripts achieved by aniconic means, that is, their ornaments. A number of her papers treat the methods of work of individual scribes, in particular of those who made the illuminations in their own copies. The chronological span of her studies is from the tenth to the late seventeenth century. She is still teaching in the National Academy of Arts and Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski. 
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Prof. PhD - Centre for Slavo-Byzantine Studies 'Professor Ivan Dujčev', Sofia University 'Saint Kliment Ohridski'

Prof. Velinova is a specialist in the field of palaeography, codicological and palaeographical description of medieval Slavonic manuscripts. She has worked with several unknown manuscript collections, resulting in their analytical inventories carried out with author teams. She also participated in the preparation of two volumes about the descriptions of notated Slavonic and bilingual manuscripts from the collection of Rila Monastery. She is the author of several articles in the field of Slavonic palaeography. Additionally, she leads a lecture course for undergraduate students at the Ministry of Education 'Old Bulgarian Studies', dedicated to the problems of Slavonic medieval manuscripts in the context of the Greek textual tradition. She taught several courses in the field, such as 'The Art of the Manuscript in the Middle Ages,' 'Introduction to Cyrillic Palaeography' and others.

Associate professor at the Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

She has graduated in Bulgarian Philology at the Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski,’ where in 2007 she obtained a PhD in History of the Bulgarian Language. Since 2008 she has been working at the Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Currently she is involved in a number of national and international research projects and forums dedicated to the medieval Slavonic culture. She has specialized in the study of biblical and parabiblical texts at the Institute of Slavonic Studies in Vienna (Austria) and the Freie University of Berlin (Germany). Her research interests focus on studying and publishing South Slavonic medieval texts.
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Researcher, Institute for Balkan Studies SASA

PhD Student in Serbian Literature, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade

Working thesis title: Medieval Cyrillic Scriptoria in the Balkans before the End of the 15th Century
For the doctoral thesis she has set out the following objectives: identify the scribes of medieval Cyrillic texts, locate the medieval centers of Cyrillic literacy, draw a map of the Balkan scriptoria and study more broadly the literature there developed. In this regard, she tries to cast light on the relations between various medieval institutions in the Balkans. She is also interested in the history of the Slavonic medieval texts and the socio-historical circumstances in which they appeared and changed over time.

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PhD Student in Slavonic Studies, University of Oxford

Working thesis title: Translation and Circulation of Romanian and Slavonic Liturgical Books in Wallachia, Transylvania, and Moldavia
For her PhD project Constanta looks at the translation of some biblical books (the Psalter text and the Acts of the Apostles) from Church Slavonic into old Romanian. Besides providing a philological analysis of these texts, she also works on the historical and cultural context of the area north of Danube in the 16th-17th centuries. Her intention is to better understand the circulation of religious books within the territories of Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia, their textual tradition, and their connection to the surrounding cultural milieux.
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Master Student in Modern, Post-Colonial and Comparative Literatures, University of Bologna

She began studying Slavonic Philology and Palaeoslavistics for her BA at the University of Messina, focusing on the analysis and translation of 14th century Novgorodian birch-bark letters. As for the Master's degree, currently undertaken at the University of Bologna, she is deepening her knowledge of Palaeography, History of Diplomatics, Palaeoslavistics, Ancient and Modern Literatures.
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Associate Professor at IMI—BAS, Chair of the Mathematical Linguistics Department at IMI—BAS (2012 – present

Major research interests: Digital Libraries Services, Knowledge and Semantic Web Technologies, e-Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Personalization and Adaptation. Since 1995 is a key participant of 15 national and international projects, advisor of seven PhD students, lecturer in Bulgarian universities, etc. She published more than 120 articles in journals and conference proceedings and two books. More than 250 citations. She participates in the development of six digital content management systems for cultural heritage and two serious games. 

Professor at IMI—BAS, Deputy director (2007 – 2017), PhD (Informatics, 1977), Chair of the Mathematical Linguistics Department at IMI—BAS (1984-2012)

Major research interests: Human Language Technologies, Knowledge Technologies and Management, Semantic Information Processing, Algorithmics, e-Learning. In the latest years he was the site leader of nine national and international projects. Prof. Pavlov published five books, more than 170 chapters in monographs, journals and conference peer-reviewed papers, and has more than 250 citations.

Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Science

As a member of Mathematical Linguistics Department of IMI-BAS, he participates in many projects and activities bringing innovations and technologies that help the presentation, preservation, and popularisation of cultural and historical heritage assets and artefacts.
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PhD student at the Institute of IMI—BAS (2019 – present)

Major research interests: Digital Libraries. Data Discovery Processes, Business Information systems and Tools. He has more than ten publications in journals and conference proceedings.