Formation of a single database on South Slavic scribes of the 14th century by:

  • researching all existing funds in which South Slavic manuscripts written in the 14th century are stored;
  • revising the knowledge about South Slavic scribes of the 14th century, by applying proven theoretical knowledge and appropriate scientific and methodological apparatus;
  • researching the palaeographic features of manuscripts - identification of scribes' hands, determination of the origin of South Slavic copyists and the place of their work.



Mapping of South Slavic scriptoria of the 14th century by:

  • researching the structure of scribe workshops, their organization and conditions for the multiplication of codes among South Slavs in the spiritual climate of the 14th century;
  • determining the place and / or spiritual circle of work of individual scribes and groups of scribes in the 14th century in the Balkans;
  • studying the influence of the state policies of the Balkan rulers on the formation and strengthening of individual scriptoria of the 14th century.



Presentation of the obtained results on South Slavic fourteenth century scribes and scriptoria by:

  • publishing research of project members on South Slavic scribes and scriptoria of the 14th century;
  • creating a unique repository of South Slavic scribes of the 14th century using new methodological approaches;
  • designing a digital script map.