Exhibition "Fourteenth Century South Slavonic Scribes and Scriptoria"
May 13 - 27, 2024  in the Crystal Garden, Sofia

The exhibition "Fourteenth Century South Slavonic Scribes and Scriptoria" presents the process of manuscript creation, the science that examines the handwriting – palaeography, as well as eight Bulgarian and eight Serbian copyists who inscribed their names in the manuscripts.

The exhibition is part of a research project being developed by the Cyrillo-Methodius Research Centre at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, involving twelve scientists from Bulgaria, Serbia and Italy. The project aims to explore and systematise the knowledge about the South Slavonic scriptoria and the scribes who worked in them during the fourteenth century, which was a particularly important period for the culture of the Balkans.

The exhibition will be on display from 13 May to 27 May 2024 in the Crystal Garden in Sofia.

Authors: Prof. Dr. Marco Scarpa, Marta Riparante, Milena Davidovic,
Editors: Prof. Dr. Vasya Velinova, Prof. Dr. Elisaveta Musakova
Graphic Designers: Prof. Dr. Totka Grigorova, Anita Borisova

The project and the exhibition are realized with the financial support of the Scientific Research Fund under project № KP-06-H50/4 30.11.2020 and with the cooperation of Sofia Municipality.


Totka Grigorova, Marta Riparante, Marco Scarpa, Milena Davidovic, Anita Borisova